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Sri Lanka Holiday Homes is a hospitality service marketplace in Sri Lanka. We provide all kind of hospitality services for tourists. We provide Accommodation facilities, Tour services, Airport taxi services, Tuk Tuk / Car / Bike rental services and all kind of other tourist services.

We provide accommodation facilities around the Sri Lanka. lot of Hotels, Luxury Villas, Houses, Apartments, Budget houses and hostels are in our network. So you can find accommodation facilities according to your needs.

We provide cheap and safe tour services and airport taxi services around the Sri Lanka. Our all tour packages are specially design for your requirements. So you can enjoy your Sri Lanka tour very well with us.

We provide Tuk Tuk rental service around the Sri Lanka. We have few years experience in Tuk Tuk rental and arrange Tuk Tuk tours to arround the Sri Lanka. So we are one of the best tuk tuk rental companies in Sri Lanka. We invite you to be happy during your Sri Lanka tour

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